Taxidermy in Art

There’s a great post on taxidermy in art over at Dr InSectus’s Cabinet of Curiosities. The art of Ron Pippin, Jessica Joslin and Rosamond Purcell are all covered (with pictures!), and the work is just beautiful. I was already familiar with all three artists, but there were a few images here I hadn’t seen. I’m especially fond of the work of Rosamond Purcell (who I’m also a fan of on Facebook). I’ve got a couple of her books, which I’ll probably talk about in later posts, and I’m working on a triptych of linoprints based on one of her photographs of fossils. (OK, sometimes I secretly want to be Rosamond Purcell, except mostly I’m too fond of being myself.)

Some of this is the kind of work I can imagine myself doing, if I had more tools and more skills. Lately I’m imagining mounted and posed cow skeletons lurking in the bushes around my 5 acres. I know where to get the skeletons, too. Maybe this summer I’ll get ambitious and learn how to mount them. If BillyZee will let me fill our property with skeletal cows. He might not like that.

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