Shopping for Bones

For no particular reason other than that I have a number of links to places you can buy bones and bone replicas, I’m going to start this blog with a short list of online shops. I haven’t purchased from all of these places, so don’t take their inclusion here as an endorsement. Please let me know if you have a good or bad experience with any of them, and I’ll add it when I eventually turn this list into its own separate page.

Real Bones

  • The Bone Room – I’ve never shopped here, but the Mythbusters do, so I suspect they’re a good place to buy from.
  • Evolution – I’ve shopped in their physical store and it was one of the highlights of my trip to NYC; I tried to mail-order once but the item I wanted (shark in a jar) required a special (expensive) permit to send to Canada, so I canceled, but they’re probably good for US customers and non-special-permit stuff for outside US customers. Plus, they have a great name.
  • Skulls Unlimited – I haven’t yet purchased anything from here, but they do have a fantastic selection of both real bones and replicas.
  • MilesCo Scientific – Never shopped here, and they don’t have a huge selection, but might be a good resource for some things.

Fossil Replicas

  • Bone Clones – I am dying (figuratively) to buy something here. They have gorgeous replicas of both contemporary and fossil bones, in a huge variety of animals. I could go very broke very easily. They make a lot of the replicas found for sale from other shops, but I’ve never ordered from them myself. Yet.
  • Skulls Unlimited – they also sell replicas.
  • Dinosaur Corporation –  I bought an archaeopteryx skull replica from here, and it’s a decent quality for the price (they had the best price I could find at the time) and got here (to Canada from the US) in good time and in good shape.
  • The Dinosaur Store – I came across this place when I was looking for archaeopteryx skull replicas, but I haven’t bought anything from them. They haven’t got a huge selection, but the quality and prices seem reasonable.
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