Top 50 Archaeology Blogs

Why a list called 50 Best Blogs for Archaeology Students would show up on a blog for Radiology Technician Schools, I do not know, but it’s a good list and worth looking at, and besides, my friend Tim’s blog Elfshot: Sticks and Stones is listed at number 8.

I find it interesting that, while there are quite a few general archaeology blogs, or archaeology and anthropology blogs, and some blogs on specific topics or parts of the world, there is no zooarchaeology blog. Perhaps someone out there is doing one and it’s either too new or too little read to show up on a top 50 list. Oh wait, someone is doing one. It’s me. Seriously, though, if anyone reading this (does anyone read this?) knows of any other zooarch blogs or osteology blogs, or blogs dealing significantly with bones, drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll start a blogroll in the sidebar.

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