Fiction for Skelephiles: Aaron Elkins

I happened across one of those donation racks of books in the mall the other day: suggested donation = $1 per book, proceeds to go to the hospital. And among all the battered romance novels and thrillers of dubious quality I found two novels by Aaron Elkins.

Elkins is one of the few mystery writers whose books I regularly look for every time I go to a used book store, and I’d given up finding any new ones. I had begun to think he’d stopped writing any in the Gideon Oliver series sometime in the late 90s. The two I found were from the 2004 and 2005, so obviously I was mistaken.

Elkins’ Gideon Oliver books are about a forensic anthropologist who, in helping the FBI in a few cases, became known as “The Skeleton Detective.” Most of the books are fairly short, and very readable. Though I’ve only read one Kathy Reichs “Temperance Brennan” novels (the first one), so I can’t really judge, I find Elkins’ characters and writing style much more engaging. And there’s lots of great bone science in them, but presented in a generally seamless manner.

So here’s the complete list of Gideon Oliver novels, in order. I meant to include Amazon links, because that way I could include images of the covers, but apparently it’s a bit finicky to add associate links to free hosted blogs, so that’ll have to wait until I figure it out.

  • Fellowship of Fear (1982)
  • The Dark Place (1983)
  • Murder in the Queen’s Armes (1985)
  • Old Bones (1987)
  • Curses! (1989)
  • Icy Clutches (1990)
  • Make No Bones (1991)
  • Dead Men’s Hearts (1994)
  • Twenty Blue Devils (1997)
  • Skeleton Dance (2000)
  • Good Blood (2004)
  • Where There’s Will (2005)
  • Unnatural Selection (2006)
  • Little Tiny Teeth (2007)
  • Uneasy Relations (2008)
  • Skull Duggery (2009)

I’m reading Good Blood right now. So far I’m finding it a little slower to get into than previous Gideon Oliver books, but it’s been a while since I read any. I expect things will pick up once some bones are found.

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